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During the production of ethanol, according to its formula, we can divide it into two: anhydrous ethanol, which has greater added value and can be mixed with gasoline, and hydrous ethanol used in flex-fuel technology engines or powered by ethanol. Being a cleaner and more natural renewable fuel is among the main advantages of ethanol. One of the biggest differences between gasoline and ethanol is that each fossil energy unit generates 9.3 units of renewable energy. With ethanol, we supply mainly the local market, which takes 70% of the a product made, while the remaining 30% goes to the North and Northeast of the country.

At Jalles, we produce the following types of ethanol:

  • Hydrous


    contains 5% water and supplies flex fuel vehicles.
  • Anhydrous


    contains 0.5% water and is mixed with gasoline.
  • Industrial


    raw material for the manufacture of hygiene and cleaning products, such as alcohol for hospital use and alcohol gel.
  • Organic


    used in cosmetic formulations, mainly perfumes and deodorants

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